Comparative & Paid Advertising

Comparative and paid advertising are one kind of a marketing strategy in which a manufacturer’s product is conferred as admirable to compare with a competitor manufacturer. This kind of advertising thing can be shown through a side by side comparison of the attributes of a manufacturer’s product with its competitor. The comparison may include the price as well. Generally, in comparison, the compared product is shown in a mortifying way. This whole process can be done directly or indirectly. The comparison may encompass on single or multiple attributes.

How It Works:
The consumers want quality products or services. So they have the rights to know what they are purchasing, and they also have the rights to compare the quality of the products with other brands. Sometimes the manufacturers don’t have enough facilities to keep an eye on these marketing strategies or in some cases they don’t have any permissions to use other brand names directly to compare their products as a marketing strategy. It can only be done through a reps agent. That’s why comparative marketing has a significant value for a representative agent.

How We Work:
It’s all about the strategy we believe in. We have an experienced market research team to analyze the product and its competitor, and then we generate the marketing model to reach out its potential consumers.

Our Service Includes:
• Comparing products and services
• Comparing prices
• Comparing brands
• Comparing regions
• Comparing trends

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