Manufacturer’s Representative

Online Representative is just a virtual administrator in which a manufacturer’s/supplier’s products are displayed to be sold to buyers. That means a deal has already been signed between the reps and the manufacturers or suppliers. Products are typically ordered directly from the craftsman, and then the manufacturers pay a sales commission to its reps or firm agent. Frequently the commission rates depend on the dimension of the products. It may vary from 5% to 50%. In general consumer products, it is most likely 10% to 25% and it may sallow down 1% to 5% regarding heavy or industrial products.

Why Manufacturer Representative:
Nowadays this process is one of the most used types of agent. There are many reasons a manufacturer can hire a reps firm to accelerate their product branding. And OnlineReps are also supplying the promotional material.

• Lack of workforce is one of the main concern for manufacturer’s point of view.
• Introducing new products into the market is always challenging stuff.
• Entering a new market is challenging and tough to reach out the potential buyers.
• Manufacturers need a certain amount of cost for branding their products.
• Sometimes a buyer needs dedicated support from a manufacturer.

What We Do
If you are looking for a reps agent, then you are in the right place I must say. And we also assume that you are facing difficulties branding your products to its potential buyers. In general, we represent several manufacturers, they are not directly correlative to each other, but they are complementary by their products category. We don’t keep spaces for competition between two manufacturers with the same products. We only work as an agent between the manufacturer and the retailer.

Our Services
• We work as an agent for Manufacturers to reach out their potential retailer.
• We also work for the retailers to get their desired manufacturers.
• Work as a business consultant and trading agent.

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